The Shaman Software Story

Shaman Software was conceived in response to the very simple premise that small and medium sized businesses want to use technology to leverage their resources. The challenge comes in navigating a complex marketplace to find the right solution.

Many organizations know what they need, but not how to get it. Canned solutions may fulfill some requirements, but often leave out essential features. Building a tailored solution can be complicated and costly. Some solutions are customizable, but only to a point.

This is where Shaman Software shines. We have years of experience, and a large network of partners and experts to bring to task no matter what the need.

We start with a Discovery Session to learn about you and your goals. With that, we produce a deliverable Solution Roadmap. The Solution Roadmap frames the project scope, technical requirements, culture, phases, and available resources to give sensible guidance, tailored for each customer….all at no cost.

A core belief of Shaman Software is that only once an organization has a clear picture of their solution, the value it creates and the resources required to achieve their goals, should funds and resources be committed.

Once there is a Solution Roadmap to be fulfilled, Shaman Software builds the team, sources the necessary resources and curates the solution. This relationship spans the entire client journey from inception through implementation and future growth phases.

Our story

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