Shaman Software specializes in crafting CUSTOM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for small businesses

Our Process

SHARE your challenges with us

  • this is why my company is unique
  • here are our challenges
  • these are the apps we are using to get by
  • image what we’d learn from our data if we could see it
  • building an app might be possible, but we don’t have a team of developers

We LISTEN and create a Solution Roadmap

  • this is the holistic plan we’ve created for you
  • here are the developers we’ve curated
  • these are the devices to make it successful
  • building these specific features will meet your budget
  • when you’re ready to begin, we’ll assemble your project

A team of experts CRAFTS the solution

  • this is the software and supporting resources built to exceed your expectations
  • building on this platform will allow you to evolve and integrate more features
  • when you’re ready to embark on the next version, we’re prepared to grow with you

Unlimited Possiblities

Your ideas, our expertise help us together optimize, automate, and accelerate your unique workflows.

Our custom software developers’ tech craftsmanship and small-to-medium sized business expertise stand at the forefront of Shaman Software’s way of constructing custom CRM systems.

We’ve found our experience means delivering results faster with fewer problems along the way. We enjoy and take pride in solving complex problems and delivering high quality solutions to our clients – within their time and budget.

Cloud Based CRM

Future proof your software infrastructure  and streamline the shift to SaaS.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance practices and methodologies use a combination of manual testing and automation testing.

UX Design

With state-of-the-art interfaces, get strong user adoption and user retention, increase productivity.

Connect Your Apps

We can connect or tap into your data in your other applications to centralize your data, run reports on it, etc.


We take your data privacy seriously. HIPAA compliant and FERPA compliant. 

Project Management

Our Solution Directors are experienced project managers. From small to enterprise-size projects, we can handle it.


Support and training programs are built around your needs so your solution and team are always working together.

Cross Platform

Custom applications that run on multiple platforms and device types to fit your infrastructure and workflows.

Eliminate spreadsheet madness

Eliminate spreadsheets! Track leads and update statuses all in one central, cloud-based CRM database

Manage leads

Eliminate admin work like logging activities, finding contact details, and following up with leads

Unify communications and workspace

Integrate existing platforms so your team can work from a centralized interface

Access your data any time, any place

Give anyone real-time visibility into unique processes from anywhere on any type of device.

Make better decisions

Gain valuable insights with custom reporting to better organize and prioritize tasks.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Speed up the creation, integration, and continuous improvement of an ecosystem of applications

FREE 1 Hour Discovery Session & Project Roadmap

Shaman Software offers a 1 hour free discovery session and project roadmap! Schedule a discovery session with us now.

YOU tell us your unique company story. Share your challenges with us. Tell us what software you are using to get by.

WE listen. Then we create a holistic plan for you within your budget to meet the unique needs of your company. We deliver all of this for free.

Finally, upon your approval, we will procure the developers and begin assembling the project.

Book Your 1 Hour Discovery Session

Have a question?

Get in touch with us. Navigating the world of custom software can be intimidating, confusing, and come with lots of questions. Schedule a free discovery session above or you can start the dialog with us by filling out the form on the right. A custom software expert will be in touch within 24 hours!

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Anesthesia Practice

When a large anesthesia practice group in the Midwest needed a highly customized solution to replace their outdated Microsoft Access database.

9 Screenshots

Sound Equipment Sales & Marketing

When a large sound equipment wholesaler needed custom software to replace their one-size-fits-most type of CRM to manage their marketing, leads, quotes, sales, products, manufacturers, and dealers.

12 Screenshots

Electric Company

When a company in Ohio needed a custom system to manage jobs, purchase orders, tool inventory, and much more…

9 Screenshots

Perfusionist Specialist Practice

When a group of perfusionists needed to manage their billing for various hospitals and doctors and they needed to access their system in the cloud, online, offline, and on multiple devices (Windows, Mac, and Ipad).

3 Screenshots

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