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When a large anesthesia practice in the Midwest needed a highly specialized piece of software to track, analyze, and report on clinical outcomes.  

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Anesthesia Quality Control Management Suite with a customizable reporting system. We developed AQICS for a large anesthesia practice in the midwest to replace their old software, which was sunsetting and outmoded in 2019.

AQICS has many features designed to give you a deep analytical dive into your patient case data and clinical outcomes. Efficiently gather, catalog, report, and create live meetings (using the stories screen report).

AQICS can directly connect with NACOR and securely submit all your clinical outcomes data automatically for you.

The success of the software within their own organization has led this anesthesia practice to partner with Shaman Software to create a resaleable version named AQICS.

AQICS User Management includes robust controls over what each user can see and do. Administrators have the ability to create new permissions and add them to users as needed.

Easily manage all your system users. Create new users, edit users, create new user permissions, edit user permissions, and more.

Manage System Entities (People such as CAA’s or CRNA’s, places such as facilities or location of anesthesia, and things which can be anything). 

Schedule custom reports at custom intervals and save them in your user history and automatically email them to specific people. Most reports are available in PDF and Excel formats. 

Manage and track your clinical outcomes and changes to definitions/names over the years. Add, edit, and manage outcomes in your cases. Import cases from your current software into AQICS or enter them manually. 

AQICS has completely transformed our quality data into meaningful value-add asset for our practice and care providers.

Jack Dillon

CEO, Anesthesia Practice Consultants

Product Screenshot

User login screen

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user management

product screenshot

cases primary screen

Product Screenshot

Report builder, scheduler, and history

Product Screenshot

Report Types

Product Screenshot

Stories Screenshare report

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