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“AXIS has completely transformed our quality data into a meaningful value-add asset for our practice and care providers.” 

Jack Dillon

CEO, Anesthesia Practice Consultants

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AXIS Solution Overview


The Apple business team at The Woodland Mall Apple Store in Grand Rapids Michigan, introduced us to Jack Dillon, CEO of Anesthesia Practice Consultants APC. 

APC is an anesthesia practice group with over 140 physicians and more than 90 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Certified Anesthesiologist Assistants. They needed a solution to track and manage clinical outcomes for quality management and reporting to national agencies.

The Problem

Previously, they had been using a Microsoft Access database that was being sunsetted so it would no longer be supported.  They also had a number of other issues to be addressed:

  1. The user interface was cumbersome and lacked controls to ensure data integrity resulting in inconsistent and sometimes inaccurate data being recorded.
  2. Reporting was limited due to the underlying data structure so they were unable to report to national agencies or use the data collected to their full advantage.
  3. Their solution was unable to adapt to ongoing changes in case event definitions limiting data accuracy.

To replace their solution, they had to be able to migrate and clean up legacy data which meant that their replacement solution options were limited.

The Solution

Working with the quality team to get a clear understanding of their processes and industry best practices, Shaman Software built AXIS, a robust, scalable solution that is easy to use, powerful, and fully automated.  Additionally, the solution seamlessly integrates with other practice software and national reporting agency (AQI/NACOR) requirements. Now APC has an industry leading quality solution that has made quality data a meaningful asset to their practice.

The solution includes:

  1. Efficient Data Capture
    1. Case event indicators are defined by national organizations and are subject to change. The indicator management module empowers users to comply with the latest definitions and see how legacy data was entered resulting in more efficient and accurate data collection.
    2. Benchmark data from The Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) is imported directly into the solution so care providers and practice management can see how quality results compare to national averages.
    3. The intuitive interface promotes efficient and accurate data entry and training and solution use compliance.
    4. Coded metrics for data entry alert users to any data entered that falls outside of or is not in compliance with established ranges preventing data entry errors.
  2. Case Review
    1. Morbidity and mortality and case event reviews with physicians are made efficient  with a dedicated module for group review meetings so communication is centralized and accurate.
    2. Case event data is tracked with multiple variables giving practice management the power to filter outstanding issues specifically to the parties involved with the case.
  3. Reporting
    1. Benchmark comparison reporting can be generated by a single or combination of multiple variables to see how quality metrics compare to national averages which allows management to identify issues quickly and accurately.
    2. Once a report is defined, it can be scheduled to be run and delivered to any audience group on an automated basis so reports are consistent and require no ongoing administrative resources.
    3. A few clicks aggregates, formats and delivers quality data to national agencies saving administrative time and providing value to all participating providers.
  4. Product Marketing

APC has partnered with Shaman Software using AXIS as a foundation for a marketplace offering branded as AQICS (Anesthesia Quality Information Suite, creating financial benefit to APC and a valuable resource to the industry as a whole.

Many businesses can be run effectively with off-the-shelf software. For those with a unique model and/or a desire to leverage the power of technology to gain a competitive advantage, like APC a tailored, scalable solution utilizing the best tools available in the most efficient manner is essential.

Solution Screenshots

Product Screenshot

Login Screen

product screenshot

Report Setup and History

product screenshot

Case Stories

Product Screenshot

System User Permissions

product screenshot

Stories Screen Report

product screenshot

Add New Indicators To Cases

Product Screenshot

Indicator Setup / History / Management

product screenshot

System Entity Management

product screenshot


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