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When a company in Ohio needed a custom system to manage jobs, purchase orders, tool inventory, and much more..

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An electric company was using several different software applications and  subscriptions to manage various aspects of their business and none of them were perfectly tailored to their unique needs. 

Foreman in the field need to be able to create field orders on an iPad. Sometimes the iPad has no internet access on remote job sites, so the application has to work both offline and online and synchronize when needed. 

Office staff need to be able to view those field orders in real time and view labor and materials. 

Purchase orders in most applications all work the same and have the same basic feature set. This would not work. We needed a custom workflow with features that concatantate PDF files and allow several revisions with unique business rules.

Tools owned and rented need to be accounted for at all times and assigned to people and/or job sites. Check-in and check-out condition forms, complete tool history are included. 

This application does a lot more but the best things it does for this company are in automating mundane and repetitive tasks, matching the custom workflows of their office staff and field foremen, while making it very easy to securely access through the cloud or offline. It has an easy to use mobile user interface and experience tailored for IOS devices. 

Product Screenshot

Jobs screen

product screenshot

contact management

product screenshot

purchase orders

Product Screenshot

contractor timesheet summary

Product Screenshot

field orders

Product Screenshot

tools inventory check-out system

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