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When a company in Ohio needed a custom system to manage jobs, purchase orders, tool inventory, and much more..

“Our solution has completely changed how we manage the information of a rapidly changing environment with multiple user profiles and functionality needs. We now have complete visibility and control which empowers us to respond to our clients faster and make better decisions.”

Bobby Ullman

Owner, Ullman Electric

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Ullman Solution Overview


The Apple business team at The Eton Apple Store in Woodmere Ohio, introduced us to Bobby Ullman of Ullman Electric & Technologies. 

Ullman is a large commercial electric contractor with over 100 craftsmen servicing customers throughout Northeast Ohio.  Their initial need was to manage job material purchase orders that are constantly revised and updated.  Long term, Ullman had a vision for automation and integration of several departments and functions of the company.

The Problem

Previously, they had been using a patchwork of software and spreadsheets which caused several problems:

  1. To create and manage ongoing revisions of spreadsheet purchase order documents, they had a complicated numbering and file storage system which often caused inaccurate or conflicting information to be sent to vendors resulting in job delays and expensive return and restock fees.
  2. The spreadsheets lacked the ability to conditionally format the purchase order documents for different vendor needs causing confusion and order errors
  3. Purchase order spreadsheets could only be accessed and changed by one team member at a time causing inefficiency and frustration.
  4. Lack of integration with other software meant duplicate data entry or the inability for the right people to get the right data when and where it was needed.

An inability to customize or scale their solutions left them stuck with these problems.

The Solution

Starting by replacing the purchasing spreadsheets with a powerful centralized solution, Shaman Software created a foundation that dramatically improved administrative efficiency and effectiveness.  Once complete, Ullman has continued to expand the solution capabilities with several additional modules maximizing solution return on investment.

The solution includes:

Purchase Order Management

    • Revisions allow changes to purchase orders at different points of an ongoing job complete with revision history.
    • Central product module makes data entry fast and accurate.
    • Conditional output formatting special cut sheets and concatonating those with transmittals, submittals, and the purchase order into a single PDF.
    • Line item level tracking to track shipments via UPS, USPS, FedEX, DHL, and ONTRACK making it easy to see shipments that have been shipped and know exactly when it will arrive on the job site.

Jobs Dashboard Asset Management

      • Jobs are the primary entity in this application. Everything is in some way related to a job or can be linked to a job making it fast and easy to create new purchase orders, add new job contacts, create new field orders, and link tools to job sites just to name a few.
      • Document Management allows users to manage all their media related to a job, all of its purchase orders and revisions, and documents they may be waiting to be signed and returned.
      • Link to other assets such as general contractors and Arcelor Mittal project forms.

    Tools Inventory Tracking

      • Inventory Management – Check in/check out assignments. Tools can be assigned to employees or job sites. 
      • Condition reports prevent unknown damage and help keep accountability including pictures outgoing and incoming.

    Job Foreman Field Orders

      • Offline data capture and synchronization. Reliable internet on remote job sites isn’t a problem for Ullman because this application works offline on an interface specially designed for iPad devices.
      • Simple and efficient interface gives job site users exactly the information they need when they need it including a large materials catalog with over 21,000 products, job contacts, job labor, job images, documents, and more. .
      • Capture customer signatures, print and email field orders.

    Additional Features

      • Custom user level access and security allows different user groups to log into the application and view specific things to that user and the group the user belongs to.
      • Product Materials Catalog with over 21k products makes it easy to track the cost of materials and add them to field orders or purchase orders.
      • Contact management makes it easy to store, find, and add contacts to jobs, purchase orders, field orders, etc.
      • Notification Dashboard is a place where you can flag something in the application for follow-up and link the notification to any user and any other system entity such as a field order or an awaiting document.

      Many businesses can be run effectively with off-the-shelf software. For those with a unique model and/or a desire to leverage the power of technology to gain a competitive advantage, like Ullman Electric & Technologies a tailored, scalable solution utilizing the best tools available in the most efficient manner is essential.

      Solution Screenshots

      Product Screenshot

      Cleveland Mittal Processing

      product screenshot

      Field Order Processing

      product screenshot

      Contacts Management

      Product Screenshot

      Job Management

      product screenshot

      Purchase Orders

      product screenshot

      Tool Management

      Product Screenshot

      Employee Mobile Login

      product screenshot

      Mobile Field Orders Entry

      product screenshot

      Materials Picker

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