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Volunteer Perfusionists Solution Overview


As practice director, Dr. Georgiafandis was manually entering the pertinent patient and procedure data including time spent, procedures performed, disposable medical devices used and clinical research information into spreadsheets from the handwritten notes provided to him by each of the doctors in the group.  From there, he would break out the line items by group and produce a different invoice format for three different billing departments at each of the four hospitals. 

Electronic Medical record (EMR) patient and billing solutions on the market were far too complex for his practice type and were unable to adapt to the practice’s processes and the specific invoice formats needed by the hospitals.  Their manual solution resulted in a few primary problems:

  1. Duplicate and manual data entry taking precious time away from core practice activity.
  2. Manual invoice creation and management created opportunity for errors and lost revenue.

A lack of centralized data structure made clinical research and practice reporting difficult resulting in greater challenge in decision making.


Modeling after his existing paper forms and spreadsheets, Shaman Software created a solution with an iPad interface used by the physicians to capture procedure data remotely and an administration interface to manage invoicing and reporting.

The solution includes:

  1. iPad Data Entry
    1. Physicians quickly and easily walk through a step-by-step process on their iPad to record procedure information eliminating duplicate data entry.
    2. Data is gathered immediately following surgery and has data controls to ensure accuracy and data integrity.
    3. Data is gathered immediately following surgery so data captured is front-of-mind and invoices can be produced on a timely basis.
  2. Automated Invoice Production and Tracking
    1. Recorded procedures are quickly reviewed for accuracy instead of manually entered saving significant time and effort.
    2. With a single click, the correct of three formats of invoice is generated and sent to the proper department at each of the four hospitals expediting accuracy and timeliness of payment.
    3. Each procedure is tracked as having been issued and paid on an invoice so no revenue falls through the cracks.
  3. Reporting
    1. With this new capability, Volunteer Perfusionists provides limited, secure access to outside researchers to generate clinical research reports as needed supporting education and research partners with no additional resource commitment from Volunteer Perfusionists.

Reports based on perfusionist, associated surgeon, hospital and other variables are easily generated empowering the entire practice group with accurate data on activity.

Results And Value

“We have saved countless hours in data entry and administration so we can focus our time on the essential medical procedure activity that drives our business.   The team at Shaman Software created an elegant and powerful solution that is integral to our practice management.”

 – Dr George Georgiafandis – Practice Director


Many businesses can be run effectively with off-the-shelf software. For those with a unique model and/or a desire to leverage the power of technology to gain a competitive advantage, like Volunteer Perfusionists, a tailored, scalable solution utilizing the best tools available in the most efficient manner is essential.


The Apple business team at The West Town Mall Mall Apple Store in Knoxville Tennessee, introduced us to Dr. George Georgiafandis of Volunteer Perfusionists.

Shaman Software learned that a perfusionist is the one who keeps people alive during heart surgery. Volunteer Perfusionists is a team of 12 physicians doing over 2400 procedures per year at four different area hospitals.

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